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About Us

A wedding is more than an exciting day, it’s the beginning of a legacy. It takes an epic man to fulfill that kind of commitment and he deserves an epic ring. There’s a type of brotherhood that’s formed with the men who have made a commitment to leaving a legacy. Hence, we created Bands 4 Bros. Our rings are made to stand the test of time- just like you are. (While we don't’ specifically design women’s rings, many of our rings are worn and enjoyed by men and women!)

Bands 4 Bros was established by a couple passionate to see your marriage succeed. After 12 years of pastoral ministry we found one of our greatest joys was performing wedding ceremonies. However, many grooms faced a serious shortage when it came to a quality selection of wedding bands! We’re here to fix that by providing the type of selection and quality you deserve to celebrate your marriage (Or just upgrading with an awesome new band!)

Strong healthy couples (no matter WHO you are) make strong healthy communities. We believe if you’re committing your life to someone else you deserve to have a ring that will match your commitment with unique style and undeniable quality (without breaking the bank!)

We place a high value on your upcoming marriage, and we place a high value on every Bands 4 Bros band that we sell!


  • Tungsten Rings
  • Wood Inlays
  • Custom Engraving
  • Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Wood


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